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Wymondham Women on Recruitment Drive

Wymondham Women on Recruitment Drive

By Timothy Ray
30 October
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Wymondham Wasps & Bees, our two senior women's sides, and our nascent Girl's U13-U18 squad are recruiting...

Wasps & Bees
This season, as well as maintaining our position in the league, we are dedicated to expanding our development side – our Bees team. We have a full schedule of Bees games against other development teams of differing experience and ambition and our aim is to give the whole squad game experience.

Unlike most of our male counterparts, most women start playing rugby in adulthood, learning the game as absolute beginners. Our current squad ranges in age from 17 to mid-40s, with experience ranging from 'Six Nations' viewing upwards, so there is a place for anyone, at any point in the season. And, in common with our male counterparts, there's a place on the rugby pitch irrespective of size, or shape, or fitness or ability.

We like to train twice a week, but this is not obligatory, and our game life is supplemented by weekly fitness sessions and a varied social life, as a team, both within and outside the club.

Training is on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7pm to 8.30pm.

Please email Clare Sisson for more information or get in touch through our Facebook page: Wymondham Wasps Ladies and Girls Rugby Team.

Girls U13, U15 & U18 Development Teams
For younger women, there is training for 11-17 year-olds on Tuesday evenings, from 6.30pm, and Sunday mornings, between 10am and noon.

Please email Amanda Jones for details.

Help! Are you a coach?
Girls rugby is getting ever more popular, and Wymondham is no exception, and we need help coaching our teenage girls. So, if you thought that you had hung up your boots, but still have something to give back, or if you have coached previously, and would like to help develop the skills of a bunch of keen and motivated young women, please contact Amanda.

NB. By way of explanation, in age grade rugby, we play mixed-sex rugby to U11. The boys then play rugby in single-sex, single-age, age groups until U16 (with Colts rugby as U17 & U18 combined), whilst the Girls play single-sex, two-year-age, age group rugby in U13s, U15s & U18s.

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