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Wymondham Archers

Wymondham Archers

By Timothy Ray
2 July
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Wymondham Archers had a fabulous day with their recent WA Star & WA Target Award Weekend – and to find out what all that means...

Wymondham Archers had a fabulous day with their recent WA Star & WA Target Award Weekend – and to find out what all that means, why not come along and to a beginner’s course, and complete against other archers from all over the country?

The archers achieved a heap of awards including a yet-to-be-verified world record or two, and Wymondham Archers Club archers also achieved the following:

  • Several qualifying for English Archery Federation crosses
  • Ian Pautard – Green Cross – Barebow (No sights)
  • Chris Norburn – Blue Cross – Recurve
  • Peter Hill – Black Cross – Recurve
  • Damien Lewington – Green Cross
  • Terry Reeve – Green Cross – Longbow (No sights and a wooden bow)
  • Amy March – Blue Cross – Recurve
  • Dan Parnham – Blue Cross – Compound

Translated as follows. When shooting at 90, 70, 50 and 30 metres, with 3 dozen arrows at each distance, archers achieved the following (Recurve is the Olympic Bow):

Wymondham Archers men, achieved a second and third place against a field of superb archers from as far as Lancashire, Gloucestershire and Surrey as well as Norfolk and Suffolk and surrounding Counties. But all that pales into insignificance with our U18 Junior lady taking Gold. And some of us won on the raffle too.

The weekend started with a Double Tournament where most of us shot up to 70 metres for 6 dozen arrows and then in the afternoon we did it all again – hence the double. This is a newly recognised archery round and so gives us a chance to hold the World Record, if at least for a few days. And would you know, shot right here in Wymondham.

We were looked after by the Wymondham Rugby Football Crew that included Andrew and his team with the bar and Joe the Chef providing excellent food for the guests. And, we understand that a heap of hikers dropped in just to make the day a little more chaotic for the poor kitchen.

The feedback from the archers was superb and they are all looking forward to coming back next year.

The combination of Rugby for the colder seasons and Archery for the warmer can keep families active and participating in sport right on their doorstep. Wymondham Archers have an archery range right here that is open 365 days per year and are the best served archery club in Norfolk.

Currently the club holds the County Indoor and Outdoor Championships. If you would like to join us simply log on to and you’ll find our beginner’s courses.

Wymondham Archers are considering bidding to host the National Junior Masters Championships right here in Wymondham also.

We are looking forward to hosting the WA Star & WA Target Award Weekend event next year when we all get together for the weekend of 13th and 14th June 2020.

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